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Welcome to Research-hub!

Research-Hub is a platform for research collaboration and sharing. It has been built around two main levels of hierarchy:

1. The Community level: At this level, you can communicate with all the community members using the stream; you can create public events using the calendar; you can browse all the public posts from project spaces linked to a specific community. Examples of communities in the Hub are the SFB1187 and the Socio-informatics.

2. The Project Space level: Project spaces should be associated with a community. Project spaces can be public, private, invisible depending on your need which can be adjusted using the space setting; when you link your space to a specific community (you can do it when you create the space or later using the settings), every public content you publish there will be displayed also at the community level, increasing the impact of your communication and involving all its members.

Currently, it is necessary to create a space within a community, and you can create spaces any time you want and for any purpose (paper writing, project proposal, collaborative projects etc.).

If you wish to create a community or you have doubts about which community you might associate your space, you can write here research-hub@sfb1187.uni-siegen.de. Research-Hub Team will help you to create a community and to customize it according to your needs!

More info on Research-hub

Research-Hub is a customized platform developed based on Humhub, an open-source software for team communication and collaboration (info: https://humhub.org/en).

We are actively contributing to the Open Source Community by making available our own codes and new modules in GitHub very soon.

Research-Hub is provided by the INF project in order to support its affiliated community SFB1187 but also other (research) communities who might need a tool for collaboration and sharing and who are willing to go beyond classical email exchange.

Research-hub is a part of a Ph.D. project in which Gaia Mosconi (see profile) is investigating research collaboration and sharing under the auspice of the Open Science agenda. Gaia is actively involved in an effort of infrastructuring academia and investigates the process itself - which might lead to consolidate a new research infrastructure – through empirical, analytical, and methodological lenses.

Research-hub is also part of Qinyu Li’s PhD project which focuses on academic collaboration and knowledge transfer.

Get to know our team!

  • Gaia Mosconi: Ph.D. student and Research Associate. Research-Hub coordinator and concept designer. She works in the INF project (SFB1187) since November 2016. Since September 2019 she is also a member of Locating Media.
  • Qinyu Li: Ph.D. student and Research Associate. Research-Hub coordinator and concept designer.
  • Nico Vitt: Ph.D. student and Research Associate. Technical support.
  • Timm Wunderlich: System Administrator at the Universität Siegen.
  • Nathanel Klein: System Administrator at the Universität Siegen.
  • Md Ashikur Rahman: Master Student in HCI, strong background in software engineering.
  • Mesbah Ul Awal: Master Student in HCI, strong background in software engineering.
  • Jan Marvin Christ: Bachelor student, strong background in software engineering.

Former employees:

  • Simon Gruseck
  • Istiaq Khan
  • Philipp Schubert
  • Dr. Matthias Korn